Spanish Sounds: Part 2

I love the current Spanish music scene. There has been some fantastic new music coming out over the last few years. Spanish Sounds: Part 2 concludes my selection of the top 10 Spanish artists of the moment. I’ve picked a representative song for each, but really I’m recommending the album they come from.

Hope you enjoy! Continue reading

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Spanish Sounds: Part 1

I thought I’d add a couple of posts on my current 10 favourite bands hailing from Spain. This is a totally personal choice, these are not the most famous or representative of particular genre. Just what I’m listening to right now. And they are more or less in order of favouritnessness.

I’ll do a post on the best from the Basque Country and maybe write a little more on them in a future post.

I’ve split it into two, five this week and five more next week. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading

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Do You Deskontu?

Casa Mirones. San Juan.

Casa Mirones. San Juan.

I wonder if Casa Mirones in San Juan had ever taken 1,400 booking in a day before the 6th of July 2011. And I wonder what the reaction was like in the restaurant on the 7th! Jubilation? Excitement? Stress? But if you´re going to offer a nine course meal, with delicacies like kokotchas (fish cheeks), spider crab, grilled prawns and cava sorbet for 29€ with drinks, bread and tax included, you can’t really complain when you get the odd booking. It´s the kind of thing that will get a Basque excited. 1,400 of them to be exact. Continue reading

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San Sebastian Film Festival 2011

Kursaal San Sebastian Film Festival 2011

Kursaal San Sebastian Film Festival 2011

If ever there is a time to be in San Sebastián, surely it is during film festival week. For me, there´s more of a buzz in the city than at any other time of the year. The Big Week makes the  city busy and difficult to get around without anything really to get excited about (beyond maybe the awesome nightly firework displays). Even the jazz festival or quincena musical doesn’t produce that change in the city that comes with the Film Festival. Everyone seems to be concentrated around the Kursaal, Maria Cristina and cinemas in the Old Part with their freebie film festival paper in their hand or planning their next session with the fold out timetable. Or, of course, downing a few pintxos between films. Continue reading

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“You want a photograph?” he asked, “Come…” Continue reading

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Top 10 Pintxo Tips

… or how to get the most out of of going for pintxos!

While eating great pintxos in Donosti is about as hard as falling off a log, there are things you can do that will make the experience doubly good. Clear your mind of pre-conceived ideas of how to eat and dive into the pintxo culture as it should be experienced. Here are my top 10 tips for getting the most out of Sanse´s pintxo bars… Continue reading

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Itxas Magalean

I´m not a nostalgic person. Part of this is due to the fact that I have the memory of a drunk goldfish – I often find myself calculating my age from my year of birth as opposed to just automatically knowing. I prefer listening to other people’s histories than remembering my own, especially from people who have lived more interesting and exciting times than I have. And I certainly have no right to be nostalgic about the good old days of San Continue reading

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Gems of Spanish Culture: Love Letter to Radio 3

This is the first of a series of posts on gems of Spanish culture I´ve stumbled across whilst living here. Not necessarily things which have crossed borders and have international fame like Almodovar, El Quijote or Flamenco, but things which I think are pretty special and which Spain should be proud of having produced.

I´m writing this post listening to a strange kind of bebop music which the radio presenter Continue reading

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Worth Doing

It’s been Carnaval this weekend all over Spain and San Sebastian is no exception. To be honest, if you’re in the Basque Country on these dates it’s probably best to head to Tolosa where they live the festivities with far more passion than here. And you really have to LIVE Carnaval for it to be in any way interesting. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan in general although this is the year I’ve most enjoyed cause getting my kids dressed up was a lot of fun. But like Justin Beiber, High School Musical and Smallville, its something Continue reading

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National Scandal

A national scandal took place in 2002 in Spain. And like so many scandals of recent years, people noticed, grumbled a little bit and then got back on with their daily lives. Yet it is a scandal that has cost the people living and visiting here millions of euros. Or maybe  Continue reading

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