Spanish Sounds: Part 2

I love the current Spanish music scene. There has been some fantastic new music coming out over the last few years. Spanish Sounds: Part 2 concludes my selection of the top 10 Spanish artists of the moment. I’ve picked a representative song for each, but really I’m recommending the album they come from.

Hope you enjoy!

Artist: Bebe
Track: Malo
Album:Follow Pafuera telarañas

Artist: Depedro
Track: La memoria
Album: Depedro

Artist: Buika
Track: No Habra Nadie en el Mundo
Album: Niña De Fuego

Artist: Russian Red
Track: I Hate You But I Love You
Album: Fuerteventura

Artist: Vetusta Morla
Track: Lo Que te Hace Grande
Album: Mapas


About PintxoBoy

Scottish by birth and in my heart. Basque by lifestyle and in my stomach. Living in San Sebastián where I eat and comment about as many pintxos as I can. In my spare time I work in Marketing the renewable energy sector.
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2 Responses to Spanish Sounds: Part 2

  1. xandimusic says:

    haha it’s really great music!

  2. Alain says:

    Lovely Russian Red! Lovely!

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