Gems of Spanish Culture: Love Letter to Radio 3

This is the first of a series of posts on gems of Spanish culture I´ve stumbled across whilst living here. Not necessarily things which have crossed borders and have international fame like Almodovar, El Quijote or Flamenco, but things which I think are pretty special and which Spain should be proud of having produced.

I´m writing this post listening to a strange kind of bebop music which the radio presenter Continue reading

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Worth Doing

It’s been Carnaval this weekend all over Spain and San Sebastian is no exception. To be honest, if you’re in the Basque Country on these dates it’s probably best to head to Tolosa where they live the festivities with far more passion than here. And you really have to LIVE Carnaval for it to be in any way interesting. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan in general although this is the year I’ve most enjoyed cause getting my kids dressed up was a lot of fun. But like Justin Beiber, High School Musical and Smallville, its something Continue reading

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National Scandal

A national scandal took place in 2002 in Spain. And like so many scandals of recent years, people noticed, grumbled a little bit and then got back on with their daily lives. Yet it is a scandal that has cost the people living and visiting here millions of euros. Or maybe  Continue reading

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San Telmo. Before and After The Spoon.

Good news people! The San Telmo museum has finally been given an opening date. As of the 2nd of April the newly refurbished museum will open its doors to an expectant and now rather impatient public – works started in 2007 and do seemed to have dragged on. First to open will be the temporary exhibitions, which take up 1,000m2 of the 11,000m2 of the museum. The remainder of the museum dedicated to permanent exhibitions will be up and Continue reading

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At the Working Man’s Cafe

Anyone would think that living in San Sebastian I´d be off at a Michelin starred restaurant every Friday night downing Vega Sicilia wine. Obviously, this is very far from the truth. I think I´ve visited just three Michelin-star restaurants since I´ve been here, although a long overdue visit to Arzak is planned for later this year. Continue reading

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Bar Zeruko. Pintxos From Heaven.

Part of the Donosti experience is going on a tour through the bars. A Pintxo Crawl. has a few themed routes that you can follow which are pretty good. I find the best tactic is to have at least two pintxos in each bar, otherwise you spend a lot of time waiting and walking between bars and far less time actually eating. And that would be the Continue reading

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Unexpected Gems

San Sebastián is a relatively small city, it´s one of the things I most like about it. It has all the facilities, infrastructure and cultural offering of city life in a manageable size. You can walk from one end to the other in under an hour.  And you never lose sight of the Continue reading

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