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Top 10 Pintxo Tips

… or how to get the most out of of going for pintxos! While eating great pintxos in Donosti is about as hard as falling off a log, there are things you can do that will make the experience doubly … Continue reading

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Itxas Magalean

I´m not a nostalgic person. Part of this is due to the fact that I have the memory of a drunk goldfish – I often find myself calculating my age from my year of birth as opposed to just automatically … Continue reading

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Spanish Smoking Ban

A proper smoking ban has finally been introduced in Spain and you now can’t smoke in any enclosed spaces in the country. This replaces the smoking ban introduced a few years back where you could smoke in a local over … Continue reading

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Saturday Night. San Sebastián.

So you´re standing there. With about three rows of people between you and the guy whose gonna take your order. Mibbe. If you´re lucky. Actually, a row would be far too ordered a thing for a place like this. It’s … Continue reading

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